Movies, Movies, and more Movies.

July 28, 2009

Movie downloading fetish: 31 movies in 3 days, including 6-episode, dual-season TV Series and still counting.

That’s what I’ve been upto over the last few days. Axxo, Klaxxon are some of the users that I am hounding since the last few days through to download movies using UTorrent(pronounced mew-torrent).

I haven’t come across any titles that I haven’t seen yet and believe me, I have seen a lot. Most of the ‘must-watch-before-you-die‘ site recommendations talk about the same old stuff over and over again – ‘The Godfather‘, ‘The Lord Of The Rings‘, ‘Taxi Driver‘, etc. Well, for one I already have most of these movies, and additionally, I find these artsy movies a bit of a drab.

I have been subjected to a lot of Hindi movies in the past and I like fast-paced (not necessarily the ‘action’, ‘dhishum dhishum’ kinds) movies. Comedies are my favourite and I don’t mind thrillers and certain drama movies as well. Have looked all over for recommendations, but have found none. This is one of my attempts to get ideas from you folks out there.

Spare me the ‘Shawshank Redemption‘, ‘The Green Mile‘, ‘Forrest Gump‘ kind of common movies. Don’t get me wrong – those are terrific movies and ones that I’d die to watch, but am looking more for what’s not common and those kind of movies that are heavily underrated. And I don’t like art films, world movies, foreign language movies, musicals, black-and-white movies, pre-1960 movies, martial art, and mindless action movies.

Before you make any recommendations, a little bit about me – I am a movie freak in the true sense of the word…when I went to the States, I went with the sole purpose of buying DVDs fromAmoeba and Rasputin in SFO. I ended up paying $300 in excess baggage, came back with 2 overflowing bags of DVDs, and currently possess a Godrej-full of movies collected from different sources. No – I don’t lend movies, so stop wishing.

Now for suggestions in the following genres please:

Comedy (TV Series qualify for this genre as well)
Any other jaw-dropping stuff (no porn – I have my own preferences) 🙂

Give me as many. I have an insatiable appetite for this form of entertainment and the person with the most valid recommendations (movies that I eventually end up downloading/purchasing/owning) will get a one-time only, full-access to my movie collection which I will be posting on my blog shortly. Extra points for providing a download/purchase source. Please don’t forget to state your name and email ID. You can email me directly as well if you feel that posting a list via this medium is too cumbersome.

10 points for each valid recommendation.

Thanks in advance.

~ Hef