All I wanna say is that they don’t really care about us!

July 11, 2009

By the way, today’s post is being published while I am surfing on Tata Indicom’s Photon+ Wireless Broadband Data Card (wow – didn’t realize it was that long and complicated – and no, am not being paid to write that). Nice speed. 4/5 rating.

I was driving through Delhi today and passed along the most beautiful parts of Delhi – that’s right – Akbar Road, Janpath, Aurangzeb Road, Africa Avenue, etc. There were many thoughts that came to my mind. Some of them were:

a) Crooked, dishonest, illiterate politicians get to stay in houses with sprawling lawns and state-of-the-art facilities, while a very very large proportion of regular, honest, hard-working, salaried individuals are paying 70-80 lakhs for a 1600 square feet apartment in Gurgaon. Don’t even want to talk about Mumbai – not only because of 1600 sq feet (which is palatial in that city), but also because of the paltry sum of money, i.e. 70-80 lakhs, which is just about good enough to get you a pigeon coop in a decently located area in Mumbai.

b) Why is all the greenery in the godforsaken city of Delhi/NCR concentrated just around the houses of these losers? Isn’t the rest of the population of the capital deserving enough to breathe good, clean air and live and experience decent surroundings?

c) If they have been elected by the people and want to do good for the people, why are they given houses that the same people who have elected them can never get access to? Forget the houses, the public can’t even get access to the people whom they have elected.

d) Why do they get unlimited and uninterrupted water and power supply when the common man on the road or anywhere else for that matter is subjected to all the misfortune of no water and no power? Shouldn’t they stand side-by-side of the people who have chosen them as their leaders?

If they can get clean air, water, electricity, why can’t you and I?

Why can’t the powers that be come and live among the people?

Have they forgotten the meaning of democracy? To refresh their memory, a democracy is for the people, by the people, and of the people. In this case, all 3 parameters seem to be missing. These elected representatives have become celebrities in their own right.

One might argue that since they are important people in our country, they need protection. Well, don’t you and I need protection too? Why should we be subjected to all the dangers in the world and the people whom we have elected to protect us from these dangers lead a sheltered life? Why can’t they face the same hardships that you and I face on a daily basis?

We gave them the right to lead and represent us. We however, did not give them the right to live like kings/queens while we suffer because of their shortcomings, incapable decisions, and corrupt minds.

Enough. Be one of us – be among us – face our difficulties – survive with us.

…And then, I returned to Gurgaon. That should explain all of this.

– Hef.

Adult Franchise & My Rant About It

April 3, 2009

It’s that time of the time when elections are held in India, unless Deve Gowda/VP Singh decide to do a quick round of musical chairs and make a fool out of the entire country – aka Elections..and mind you – this is not just ‘yany’ election – it is the BIG ‘UN!

My rant today is about the ridiculous thing we have in our country called ‘Adult Franchise’, which was initiated by Rajiv Gandhi, for quite obvious reasons, aka youth vote bank – educated or uneducated, is again a question in itself.

Quite interestingly, my initial thought was to introduce the concept of ‘Adult Franchise’, and therefore, like all other things, I decided to Google it, when to my surprise, the first result that was thrown up defined it as follows:

Voting age lowered
From 21 to 18.
Victory of youth.
Victory of democracy.
No, No, No.
This is not so.
It is the conquest of the politicians.
We are merely contraceptive condoms.
More condoms in the hands of politicians.
They use us for their gains
And throw us in a vacant dustbin
After the use.

Anyway, not sure what the message was there, but a quick definition of ‘Adult Franchise’ is – the right to vote once a person has attained 18 years of age. I have 3/4 points against this concept, which I will list down here quickly. A quick disclaimer though – one argument presented here is that all the points denote the narrowing of the voting population in the country and might not necessarily be something that any government in India will be able to do in a million centuries, but they’re my thoughts on what it should be/have been. Please bear with me.

  1. Attaining 18 years of age does not necessarily certify you to be of ‘sound mind’. Nowhere in the definition of this term is mentioned about the fact that you at least need to be of ‘sound mind’. Therefore, a retarded person/mentally challenged person also has the right to vote. I wonder how accurate this person’s judgement would be.
  2. You cannot get married at the age of 18. The underlying reason (apart from the fact that you should be studying) is that a person cannot handle the pressures of supporting a family at this point in his/her life. Ok – am in agreement. But, does this mean that at the age of 18, this same person is expected to handle matters of the nation by electing a suitable representative?
  3. Why is ’18’ such an important number. Why have an adult franchise based on age at all? Why can’t the adult franchise be based on the education qualification of an individual. We have tests for IPS, IAS, Law School, IIMs, heck – even before we get admitted into primary school, we have to give a certain test. It’s funny that we are being asked to choose the leaders of our nation and yet the government/constitution doesn’t care what is the caliber/capability of this individual? People should either be asked to give an IQ test before voting (a quick 3-question test), or anyone who has graduated from high school (class 12 equivalent) should only be allowed to vote.
  4. Better still, more logical, but narrowing it further down (which might not necessarily be bad for the country) – why shouldn’t only the taxpayers be allowed to vote and choose the people who are going to handle their hard-earned money that they pay in the form of taxes to the government. This would constitute only ~4% of the population, but clearly, this is the population that funds the country. Why should a person who swindles all, earns cash/doesn’t earn at all be given the right to decide who should handle the taxpayer’s money and what should be done with it?

Would love to hear your thoughts. Blurt now!

Fuel For More Fire

December 1, 2008

While everyone is writing about the Mumbai terrorist attacks, I just thought that it would make more sense for me to write on anything but that. It’s funny how we tend to go overboard, over-sensationalizing an event. While I agree that it might have hurt a lot of people and it definitely did affect me too, it sometimes tends to get irritating that no matter which channel you watch, no matter which newspaper you read, no matter which blog you decide to track down, no matter which article you read on your Google Reader, it always comes back to the same thing – ‘The Mumbai Terrorist Attacks’

I think it’s high time people got along with their lives and figured out that they should do something in order to avoid a terrible situation like that, instead of writing about it of all things. Yes – there will be that initial reaction of the public to voice their opinion, or pen it down, but this can be effective only to a certain extent. Do your bit – and if you ask me that question, ‘What can I do to change things’ and don’t have an answer for it, don’t waste your time penning down your opinions, because frankly, they don’t make a difference to anyone.

I am upset with the way we as a country have handled this debacle. Let’s stop blaming the government for these things. Instead, we should at this time stand behind the government and resolve to take matters into our hands and deliver what is due to these enemies of society – destruction. Instead, here we are blaming Shivraj Patil, Vilasrao Deshmukh, and now, even Ram Gopal Varma for no reason whatsoever. Who could have foreseen such a situation. What wrong did Deshmukh do to walk in with his son and RGV – are they not citizens? Are they not concerned? Does the public really think that RGV was there just to figure out whether he could translate this incident into a movie…and even if he did – what’s wrong with the thought?

This is exactly why we bear the brunt of these terrorist attacks time and again – it’s the sheer lack of solidarity that we display to the entire world. We start pointing fingers at people and blaming them for any lapses. We are the same people who when frisked at malls/establishments, contort our faces and get irritated at the security agencies doing their jobs and exclaiming ‘If I wanted to get a bomb in, would I put it in the boot of my car?’ Well, guess what happened at the JW Marriott in Pakistan?

Let’s stop pointing our phalanges towards other people and institutions and instead, be self conscious and start tolerating a little more than we do as described above. Remember, when you point a finger at someone else, there are 3 fingers pointing back at you. Be cognizant of the fact that all the commandoes of the world will not make a difference until and unless you yourself are dilligent and aware enough about your surroundings.

I am not trying to say in any way that these terrorist attacks could have been prevented. It could only have been done by God, if at all, for none of us have the foresight to predict such events. It’s important for the citizens of this country to instead come together as a stolid figure and quash these terrorist attacks. Yes – there will be more attacks…it’s a way of life and no security of any degree can prevent that. Maybe we too should go to war and wipe out all the fanatic Islam outfits that exist in the world and maybe even get rid of Pakistan if we have to.

The thing that saddens me is that even if we were to do that, so immature are we as a country that we will get into an argument about something or the other internally for sure. We were just not ready for independence when we got it. I am meandering a little bit, but that’s where this mess has really stemmed from. Face it, we are still divided as a country, as a race, as a nation. This is nothing but encouragement for any terrorist outfit and attacks will continue to happen as long as we remain this way.

Let’s not cry ourselves hoarse and blame government after government for the mess that we ourselves are responsible for. What could we have done do you ask? Well, what could anyone have done for that matter is what I ask you. You can argue for the sake of argument, but can you give me an answer to that question – if so, let’s crown you king of India and see how many fingers are pointed at you when something does go wrong.

~ Hef.

Mamata Banerjee – What A Loser!

September 1, 2008

This is what I read today on a groggy Monday morning, which incidentally is also the 1st of September when Canada celebrates Labor Day – and I still have to work!

After Singur, Mamata targets retail sector in W Bengal

I was truly, compulsively shocked and suprised both at the same time when I read this.

Shocked because this woman just can’t rest. All she does is rave and rant and bitch about how noone excepting her party cares for the poor and the oppressed and how all the rich people in the world are out to exploit the poor and how they make her a target for everything that is wrong with West Bengal.

I wonder what the Left Government is waiting for. Shouldn’t they just put her inside a jail cell and ask the Tatas to get on with it? Shouldn’t the people of Bengal just make a laughing stock of her and refuse to comply with any of her hullabaloos? Shouldn’t her supporters just ask her to take a break and come back next year?

Kolkata has been through this turmoil of bandhs and strikes in a way that would put any Communist-run government to shame, including Lenin’s Russia. Good place to be in considering that people in this state just don’t have to work at all. Then again, doesn’t the government want to put a stop to all this nonsense and jump onto the bandwagon of the IT revolution/industrial renaissance of India? They have already missed the bus, and this agitated movement by Mamata is certainly not going to help either their’s or the state’s image.

Am surprised because noone has assassinated this woman yet. She should have been shot down decades ago. This is ridiculous. The more I try and think of ways of going back to Kolkata and settling back home, the more often this lady creates havoc and scares MNCs away. Now, it would have been another matter were the traders/industrialists in Kolkata were doing well for themselves. I would have understood then that she is doing this in order to protect the interests of these individuals and the farmers for their agricultural produce. But, this woman is just out to make some noise when the State is in dire need of FDI’s and modern companies to set up shop here.

Get a life lady – or give it up. There is no way on Earth that you can ever hope to become CM of this State for as long as you live or even if you die. Take a break – have a KitKat – and don’t start cribbing about how Nestle has acquired an office in Kolkata by evicting landowners, please!

God – don’t forgive her, for she knows fully well what she does!

– A very ‘agitated’ Hef.

PS. And if this wasn’t enough, even the Left seems to getting in on some as well

This just in: DLF also threatens to pull out of Bengal. The second threat in a fortnight.

…and finally, the verdict’s out: Tata’s to quit Singur – one might as well consider this as curtains for the state of West Bengal. This marks the end of investments, FDI’s, MNCs and slowly but surely, the Bengalis.

Are You A Gujjar Boy?

May 28, 2008

That’s right. Are you one? If so, here – take this pass and become the most privileged class in the country. Are you kidding me?

It’s difficult to fathom why anyone, let alone people of this caste making a hue and cry about not being granted Scheduled Cast/Scheduled Tribe status. Isn’t that a form of discrimination in itself? A democratic/secular country is one that is not supposed to differentiate between it’s citizens on the pretext of caste, religion, sex, blah blah blah… Why is this an exception then? Who is to blame for this fiasco?

Why don’t these fellas invest their time in doing something more meaningful rather than protesting and creating a nuisance to overcome their wont of an SC/ST status? Surprisingly, these are the same people, who if granted this status will puff their chests out and roam the streets with swollen egos declaring to the country how they arm-twisted the Government to give them such a ‘distinction’. Heck – I know MK Gandhi gave all these fellows the impetus to be recognized as ‘Harijans‘, but as we Indians do with all other things in life, we decided to take matters in our own hands and demand of this status as our birthright and god-gifted opportunity to be granted preferential treatment by the governing bodies.

Nowadays, the richest Brahmin boy too has reduced himself to levels of getting a fake SC/ST certificate (which is available for a song) from any Municipal Corporation and take the certificate to their schools/colleges/prospective employers and ‘demand’ inclusion. Wake up. Here we are on one hand talking about going to space, growing affluency (and inflation rate), emerging as a superpower, and yet, we have these confused people roaming the dirty streets of our country?

You want to have quotas – fine…let these fellows be given the status of SC/ST. However, let them be denied the right to purchase tobacco or alcohol in any shape and form; get anything less than 70% in any field of studies once they have been given admission on the basis of their status; be given the chance to be treated as a special case only once in their life – whether it’s on the education front, work front, or political front.

Why do we keep pampering and tolerating such inefficient humans and treat them as crippled members of their own special society year after year, decade after decade, century after century, and more importantly, human after human? Doesn’t that make you or me a lesser priveleged class? Shouldn’t we have special rights too in that case? Why them and why not us? This debate could go on forever if the Government and the Constitution do not come to their sense and abolish this entire ideology of SC/ST and priveleged classes. It’s a sham – an inconvenient for all, unfair to all, manipulative scam.

Don’t be a Gujjar boy…be a self-respecting boy! May the Lord have mercy on your souls – oh wait, you are special – I forgot! You must have signed certain terms and conditions already.