Mamata Banerjee – What A Loser!

This is what I read today on a groggy Monday morning, which incidentally is also the 1st of September when Canada celebrates Labor Day – and I still have to work!

After Singur, Mamata targets retail sector in W Bengal

I was truly, compulsively shocked and suprised both at the same time when I read this.

Shocked because this woman just can’t rest. All she does is rave and rant and bitch about how noone excepting her party cares for the poor and the oppressed and how all the rich people in the world are out to exploit the poor and how they make her a target for everything that is wrong with West Bengal.

I wonder what the Left Government is waiting for. Shouldn’t they just put her inside a jail cell and ask the Tatas to get on with it? Shouldn’t the people of Bengal just make a laughing stock of her and refuse to comply with any of her hullabaloos? Shouldn’t her supporters just ask her to take a break and come back next year?

Kolkata has been through this turmoil of bandhs and strikes in a way that would put any Communist-run government to shame, including Lenin’s Russia. Good place to be in considering that people in this state just don’t have to work at all. Then again, doesn’t the government want to put a stop to all this nonsense and jump onto the bandwagon of the IT revolution/industrial renaissance of India? They have already missed the bus, and this agitated movement by Mamata is certainly not going to help either their’s or the state’s image.

Am surprised because noone has assassinated this woman yet. She should have been shot down decades ago. This is ridiculous. The more I try and think of ways of going back to Kolkata and settling back home, the more often this lady creates havoc and scares MNCs away. Now, it would have been another matter were the traders/industrialists in Kolkata were doing well for themselves. I would have understood then that she is doing this in order to protect the interests of these individuals and the farmers for their agricultural produce. But, this woman is just out to make some noise when the State is in dire need of FDI’s and modern companies to set up shop here.

Get a life lady – or give it up. There is no way on Earth that you can ever hope to become CM of this State for as long as you live or even if you die. Take a break – have a KitKat – and don’t start cribbing about how Nestle has acquired an office in Kolkata by evicting landowners, please!

God – don’t forgive her, for she knows fully well what she does!

– A very ‘agitated’ Hef.

PS. And if this wasn’t enough, even the Left seems to getting in on some as well

This just in: DLF also threatens to pull out of Bengal. The second threat in a fortnight.

…and finally, the verdict’s out: Tata’s to quit Singur – one might as well consider this as curtains for the state of West Bengal. This marks the end of investments, FDI’s, MNCs and slowly but surely, the Bengalis.

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