Are You A Gujjar Boy?

That’s right. Are you one? If so, here – take this pass and become the most privileged class in the country. Are you kidding me?

It’s difficult to fathom why anyone, let alone people of this caste making a hue and cry about not being granted Scheduled Cast/Scheduled Tribe status. Isn’t that a form of discrimination in itself? A democratic/secular country is one that is not supposed to differentiate between it’s citizens on the pretext of caste, religion, sex, blah blah blah… Why is this an exception then? Who is to blame for this fiasco?

Why don’t these fellas invest their time in doing something more meaningful rather than protesting and creating a nuisance to overcome their wont of an SC/ST status? Surprisingly, these are the same people, who if granted this status will puff their chests out and roam the streets with swollen egos declaring to the country how they arm-twisted the Government to give them such a ‘distinction’. Heck – I know MK Gandhi gave all these fellows the impetus to be recognized as ‘Harijans‘, but as we Indians do with all other things in life, we decided to take matters in our own hands and demand of this status as our birthright and god-gifted opportunity to be granted preferential treatment by the governing bodies.

Nowadays, the richest Brahmin boy too has reduced himself to levels of getting a fake SC/ST certificate (which is available for a song) from any Municipal Corporation and take the certificate to their schools/colleges/prospective employers and ‘demand’ inclusion. Wake up. Here we are on one hand talking about going to space, growing affluency (and inflation rate), emerging as a superpower, and yet, we have these confused people roaming the dirty streets of our country?

You want to have quotas – fine…let these fellows be given the status of SC/ST. However, let them be denied the right to purchase tobacco or alcohol in any shape and form; get anything less than 70% in any field of studies once they have been given admission on the basis of their status; be given the chance to be treated as a special case only once in their life – whether it’s on the education front, work front, or political front.

Why do we keep pampering and tolerating such inefficient humans and treat them as crippled members of their own special society year after year, decade after decade, century after century, and more importantly, human after human? Doesn’t that make you or me a lesser priveleged class? Shouldn’t we have special rights too in that case? Why them and why not us? This debate could go on forever if the Government and the Constitution do not come to their sense and abolish this entire ideology of SC/ST and priveleged classes. It’s a sham – an inconvenient for all, unfair to all, manipulative scam.

Don’t be a Gujjar boy…be a self-respecting boy! May the Lord have mercy on your souls – oh wait, you are special – I forgot! You must have signed certain terms and conditions already.

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